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Sunday Mixed Bag - And My Girl's First Kingy!


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Hey Raiders,

With the weekend having such fantastic weather, I just had to go out and wet a line.

It was a great day out, with Trevally and Bream in abundance, and a couple of rat Kings too! And my fiance Hayley got her first king too- we actually saw him coming up and eating our burley, and I had just rebaited her hook, so I told her "quick, drop it in!" and it saw the stinky bit of pilchard and couldn't resist!

Hayley finally got to feel the exhilaration that us fishos love, that of a fish pulling at your line like a train, with line just smoking off the reel!

These were only little kings, one at 48, and one at 54, but boy they had some go in them!

We released around 50 fish all day, and kept 8 Trevs and Bream for dinner.

Til next time


post-11447-056793900 1292215172_thumb.jpg

post-11447-061020900 1292215184_thumb.jpg

post-11447-012963800 1292215196_thumb.jpg

post-11447-046094800 1292215207_thumb.jpg

post-11447-065069200 1292215217_thumb.jpg

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Thanks guys. No Hayley wasnt quite shaking, but she had that determined look about her when she was fighting it- you know that look your missus has when she's not gonna budge and you know you're not going to win this arguement! lol

But she was stoked. Were going to Mallacoota for seven days this Chrissy chasing flathead- I hope I can get her onto one of the beauties that other raiders have been catching down there!! Then she'll be shaking I think!



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