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King Loves Sabiki Jig


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My work mates wanted to go to the north head yesterday to catch kings, so we hit the water at the dawn.

Because we heard Balmoral jetty is closed for maintenance work, we've decided to go straight to the north head and catch yakkas on the spot.

We've tried for 45 min. or so, but failed to catch any live bait there, so I started to think that we made a huge mistake going there without any.

Then something reasonably big attacked my sabiki jig I was using to catch yakkas. I've fought carefully, but unfortunately the line got busted off.

5 minutes later, one of the work mates sabiki was also attacked. He was using a $29 gear for children he bought for catching yakkas!!

Because the other work mate just boated a bonnie a few minutes prior to his hook up, three of us all assumed it was also a bonnie.

We were all wrong... After a long 20 minutes fight, he boated a just illegal size king (60cm ish - attached photo)!! So, I quickly sank another sabiki and fished for 10 minutes...

After losing few pilchard slices on the sabiki, BANG!!! I also hooked and boated a king in similar size.

Because they are illegal size, we let them go, but we were quite happy catching kings by very light gear with sabiki jigs as we have always been in a brief that we catch kings only on live baits...

We will go back in a few weeks time to catch legal size king then and of course with sabiki jigs!!

FYI: Yesterday was quite productive day. We took home two bonnies and 5 fat trevally of 40-45cm in 2 hours. We let go quite many fishes.

post-14433-038529800 1292238799_thumb.jpg

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Damn, i never got the luck for king fish yet. Nice catch :) I'll keep trying haha.


We have tried almost every weekend for the past 3 months to catch king land based. Had few bust off and spat out situations only... That's why we went out to the North Head. Catching King from the boat is much easier than estuary land based I reckon.


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