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Stella 20000 Which Rod To Buy?


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A good friend of mine asked for my help to buy her husband a stella 20000 combo. He used one on a recent trip north and smack some over sized cobia's and fell in love with it.

He will largely be using it for both trolling out wide and possibly cubing for yellow fin. He doesn't strike me as the type of guy to go on a GT charter chucking monster poppers or jigging up XO Sambo's.

I was thinking the t curve blue water spin 10-15 kg, that way he can use it for the above but also for chucking metals or big plastics into schools of big pelagics or perhaps even live baiting.

What are your thoughts team?

(BTW i know that a custom is probably the best option, but knowing him and the fact that its a present for christmas an off the shelf purchase is all that's gonna happen)

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With the quality of the factory made rods I wouldn’t bother with custom rods unless it’s a big game rod

Stellas deserve quality rods stick it on some thing better then a broomstick

Smith,Jigging Master,Ripple fisher is the path I would be looking down

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Considering it will be a X-mas present you need something fast, then i would look into a JM, Ripple or Smith those there are a few places where you can get those rods. But then again it depends how much $$$ you friends wife is willing to shell out, low budet rod i would look at the Shimano Deep Jig 200 or 400 jig rods (don't be fooled as my opinion on these rods are they are a better live baiting and cubing rod then a proper jigging rod), the new Jig Wrex or New Daiwa Monster Mesh.

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your intial suggestion Poddy is too light for the size of the reel being purchased. a 20000 size reel is far better suited to 50lb or 80lb braid for heavy fishing like cubing or trolling as you suggested, a 10-15kg rod would better suit a reel around the 8000-10000 size. in this case stick to a short, heavy rod with a medium taper. The okuma VSystem jig rods would be ideal as they are only 5' long and either in 24-37 or 37-60kg models, solid sticks. Not one of those fancy "japanese brands", but one of the greats IMO if you are looking for quality, comfort and reliability over brand name.


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