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Some Recent Ties For Nz Waters!

luderick -angler

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hey breammad,

they are rubber legs in olive tarantula add loads of movement, when you next off fly fishing let me know your addressvia PM and I will tie a couple up for you to give a go let me know what weight is best suited for the water you fish do you need to get down fast or slow ie: no bead, 2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm or 4mm tungsten bead are you fishing fast water or slow, gives mean idea of required weight.

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Great looking flies Luderick-angler, I like the look of the bead heads you have tied on the buzzer style hooks especially the ones with the red. Can see them being a hit when the midges are in there zillions at Eucumbene!



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Matt they are quite heavy either 3mm or $mm tungsten for a quick descent in the Tongariro and most Taupo rivers and the Rangitikei closer to home, I do tie them up unweighted with the red collar or can tie them wit ha 2mm beadhead on a #18 for what you describe and fished under a big humphy or wulff would be the job. Recipie is simple grub hook sizes 10 - 18 dub with either hares fur or Dave Whitlocks green crystal dub in a dubbing loop and then over this either clear nymph skin or flexi floss green or brown finish with peacock hearl for the caddis head, add a red or orange fluro collar by whipping some thread! You can tie with or without bead! i'll post some how to pics later if I get the camera settings right



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