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Turning It On Outside Botany Bay

Aqua Naut

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Well Well Well taking out for his first time fishing from a boat good old Frankie was not dissapointed :thumbup: We started at Mol point at around 10am for some livies and in know time we had the bait tank full so we headed out. We had a livie out on the downrigger and did a few passes but we never managed a hook up so the only option was outside. Headed North and conditions were just perfect with a SE wind of 10 notts and a slight 0.5 to 1 mtr of E swell. We spotted alot of bird action just off long bay about half a km out and in know time we had Bonito and Kings chasing our lures :yahoo: The bonitos were all of good size so they made good bait for later. I've never seen so many Kings in the one area working the baitfish on the surface. They were all hungry taking slices floated Bonito fillets and Squid. We had a ball on light gear. We manage to catch take a quick snap and release about 12 Kings all just under size at 62cm. We decided to head in closer in and anchor up so we can send down some live baits hopefully for the bigger ones. Good too see Scotty Lyons out with his crew around the same area as well. Within 60 seconds of it going down we were on again another Kingfish taking a live yakka. Did this on 6 occasions and 6 hook ups of the same around 62cm :ranting2: No big 1's dame! Anyway within 2 hours we had an absolute ball catching these things on light Shimano gear and Frankie is already booking me for his next trip. All in all no kings to take for a feed but they will be there next week and hopefully bigger. A great Rabbitoh moment for Frankster Tight lines!!! :1fishing1:

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Guest Aussie007

nice catch mate :thumbup: i caught a king and lost another at mol point on saturday they turned off as quick as they came on it was only a small school

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