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A Few More Luderick


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Went out for a couple of hours today and met up with a mate to catch a blackfish. Started to rain as I got to the location, but stopped as I pulled up at the beach. Water was crystal clear, tide was almost dead low and swell was non existant, but decided to have a go anyway. Got a down within minutes and landed a reasonable fish. Rick got a good fish on (for all of about 5 seconds) and it was dropped in no time. Minus one hook. I had seen a few schools of big surgeon fish swim past and suspect that the fish he lost, and the ones I have lost lately due to hooks being bitten off, were the culprits. Stayed for 2 hours and ended up with 2 for Rick, 4 for me and a couple each dropped as they washed across the rocks and kelp. Sky got darker and it pelted down for about 15 minutes. Stood under a tree and still got wet. The sun came out again and within 20mins we were dry again, so decided to call it quits and clean the fish.

As I was filleting a fish, a kid came up and bombarded me with questions. I looked down and saw that I had taken the fillet, so tossed the frame into the water. Trouble was, I had only taken one fillet. Oh well, maybe males can only do one thing at a time and not multi task. My biggest one today was 38cm. They were all male fish and chock full of stringy brown weed. They will go down nicely tomorrow, in tempura batter with big wedges of chips and salad.





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