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Dobroyde Point/ Iron Cove Sat 14/5/05


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Had a meeting at Drummoyne at 9.00am so thought I would get down to Iron Cove at about six and spen a few hours spinning for flathead and bream. Nice morning hardly any wind but tides were shocking low at about 5:30am.

Any way parked the car at the UTS rowing club and started to flick Squidgie Wrigglers bloodworm colour out walked up to the foot bridge with only two hits and no fish. Decided to walk up under the bridges and cast at the pylons instant success thre small bream average at 18cm. then quiet. Changed to a nipper pattern but no hits then changed to hard body producer lure lightning minnow was chrome and blue but I had scraped the blue off and used Orange permanant marker to make it look gold on top. This was the lure of the day took another 5 little bream from this area but no flathead which is what I normally get here.

Walked over the bridge and looked down and yes the water was rally dirty. Walked along the bank past the old Apia club without a single fish and only one hit. Walked out on the little jetty and muckked arround jigging the nipper pattern up and down the timber pillars there must have been leatheries there cuase I had a few hard downward hits but no hookups. Changed back to the producer minnow and continued to fan casts out from the bank as I walked along the edge. An old bloke comes up to me and say "mate your doing it tough" he said he saw me catch the ones under the bridge and was interested but things looked grim now. Right on cue my next cast was hammered and line peeled of the result a 40cm bream man they are nice. This guy was just amazed I had about 3 joggers stop and say "Are there fish in there?" mate I love it. fish was released and I walked back over the bridges to do a few more casts before I had to leave for the meeting.

A great way to destress and relax. I was just surprised at the lack of flathead as I have always caught them there.



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Good work Trev, sounds like you worked real hard for the big bream but at 40cm you must have been damned pleased, with an audience as well :yahoo:


Cheers Darryl I was like a kid with a new toy. The look on this old blokes face was amazing even more amazed when I let it go :1yikes:

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