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Hey John,

Nice work on the kings up north. Love the double hookups on SOLID fish!!!

I was wondering if you fish up that way often and whether or not it produces consistently over summer?

Jim77 and I were thinking of heading up to fish that way in early January, especially if the water doesn't warm up around Sydney soon.


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Hey Dogtooth ,

Great footage , looks like you boys had a ball , are you accessing that reef from pittwater or is it up further ?

I know a similar reef about 45kms from barrenjoey and wondering if that is it as I am heading there this weekend ! Hope to hook up like you fellas did !

Well done .

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Nice Work Dave - the videos are definately getting better, cant wait to make a Port Augusta one

I love the "gloves are for wimps" attitude

I bet you payed for it the next day though , those saragossa handles are like sandpaper

Bad luck on the Barra though

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