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Greetings From Vietnam


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After 3 days I finally got a chance to go out and have a fish. I fished one of the main rivers in my area, just under the bridge. We went on a small vietnam style boats which took us out to a little shack sorta thing which just floats in the river. I have to say it was very very nice because I was out of the sun. I went there chasing barramundi as I have heard of people catching pretty big ones here. First hour or so I cast out some lures, No hits so I changed to using live prawns, got nothing at all. I decided to use worms that my uncle had bought and we started getting hits. First fish I caught was a tiny tiny baby jewfish, probably around 10cm. I was really surprised that jewfish actually exist in vietnam. They just call it a different name over here. I tossed it back in the water and kept fishing. After about an hour of no bites I got a decent hook up, A BREAM!!!.. I was so stoked! It was around 25cm, very very decent as alot of fish in Vietnam are Tiny. THe next couple of hours we just kept getting bream after bream, some small, some big, 25cm being the biggest. We stopped fishing around 4pm. Overall I thought it was a very interesting day. I am still chasing that big Barra. My cousin's mate had caught a 11kg barra the previous week so I am very envious of that person. I don't have any pictures because i forgot my Camera at home but I just thought I'd share my story with my people at home :) . Until next time I wish everyone a Good Christmas.

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