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:1fishing1: G'day all. Couldn't post earlier due to phone line problems.

Jigged up 4 nice squid last weekend so rang my mate Bear & hit the sand on Tuesday night. 1st baits in the water @ 7.20pm. 7.45pm his rod buckled over & then nothing. I got him to put his ABU 7000 in freespool with the ratchet on. 10 minutes later the fish came back & moved off slowly. Thankfully he listened & waited till it accelerated before setting the hooks. I nearly fell over laughing as the fish bolted & nearly dragged him in with it due to a slightly tight drag.

Anyway he did a good job on it & 10 minutes later I gilled his first decent Jew.

It was 115cms @ weighed 14 kilos. He's still smiling & it's one of the most satisfying fish for me as I've been trying to get him 1 for years!

8.40pm we had another fish pick up his bait but it didn't go on with it. The way this fish moved off gave me the feeling that it was VERY big. Ah well, I'll have to go back for another crack at him!

( We only had a film camera with us so as soon as I get a pic I'll post it.)

Cheers, Grant.

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Congrats to your mate bear - despite more than a dozen attempts at Jew I have never got one! only an undersized soapy when fishing for bream in the hawkesbury. Everyone I take out seems to get one though ... brother in law, friends, even friends girlfriend!!!!!!! :thumbdown:

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Nice to know the Jew are still being taken off the beach. :1clap:

I've given the Northen Beaches a miss lately as we had continual flat seas recently....I spent too many hours staring blank out to sea.... :wacko:




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Yeah, they have been flat. Iv'e been getting fish on the central coast. A bit of a drive, but no one else around.

I reckon these seas over the last few days should carve some nice gutters out. If they back off a bit over the weekend it will be worth another shot.

Good luck mate,


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I'm loving the Sydney weather at the moment..... :biggrin2:

The beaches should hopefully fire up again.......might try for another Jew night soon.

Also, it's getting nice and cold in the mornings........there's something special about fishing the beach on crispy cold mornings waiting for the thud of a brute Aussie salmon.... :thumbup:



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