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Port Hacking - Testing The New Boat


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Hey guys.

Went for a quick arvo fish today at Port Hacking, we had to test our new boat to see what needed to go and what could be done to improve it and being so close to xmas today is the only chance we had to test her. Left home at 3pm, forgot the phone, back home, got onto the m5, traffic bah bah bah, we finally got the boat in the water at 5pm.

PeterS send me a very very helpful PM which, without, i wouldn't of got all these fish, so a big thank you to you mate, i pretty much remembered everything you said and i owe you one. :thumbup:

Started the troll at Jibbion and kept on trolling with one deep driver out, and one cheap, pink skirt.

It took us a while to get the first fish in the boat, and the first fish caught in the boat took the deep driver.

post-7089-041421300 1292587763_thumb.jpg

Hi-Fives for the first fish, and tell you what not a bad little fight either !

Anyway, rods back out, and within 10 seconds bang ! on again, another Bonito. To cut a long story short we got 7 Bonito with one falling off the lure at the boat.

post-7089-000073400 1292587805_thumb.jpg

Always along the way we got a Kingie, 58cm, a rat but still a awesome fight what not ! :1fishing1:

post-7089-038404500 1292587818_thumb.jpg

Got the bugger in the net and the net broke. :wacko:

Eh, it's seen alot of fish in it's day and looks like a might try and fix it and throw it in the tinny and i'll get a new one for the bigger boat. :)

The boat itself was very nice to fish out off, I've been in many a boats but i'd say this would have to be close to the best, for the price ofcourse, Allycraft Bar Raider, Highly recommended. :yahoo:


post-7089-020207100 1292587752_thumb.jpg

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I'd call that a very successful test! :thumbup:

You scored almost the same as we did last Sunday, a heap of bonnies and one rat king in a short session. Well done mate! You should try smoking some bonito fillets. They're not too bad.

You will definately need a bigger and stronger net to go with the new boat, especially with all those big fish you're going to catch from now on!

Good to hear that the new boat is a success. Good luck with some more great reports.



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