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Smoked In The Cooks


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Had the great pleasure of having my good mate Smitty out on the Cooks River with me today in search of his first jewie on a plastic.

The day started off with a phone call at 4 am from Smitty who said he had slept in and I was still catching ZZZZZZZZZZZs and didnt hear my alarm either :074: still made it to the ramp by 5 am.

We tried for a jewie early but had no luck so we gave the bream and flatties a good going over for 4 or 5 hours and did pretty well on plastics and hard bods with Smitty getting a black bream on a pink smilin jack.

Plenty of hits and misses and a great day out as Chris and I dont get to fish a lot together owing to me working shift work.

Later in the day it was decided the tide was right to hit my favourite jewie spot and we werent disappointed with a smallish fish almost straight away and high fives all around and then I cast straight back into the same spot and got smoked by a very good fish which didnt even give me a turn on the reel :ranting2: I was giving them a sporting chance with 4 lb fireline and a 12lb leader with a 4 inch flik bait in green and white on a 1/4 oz jig head.

Note to self ....dont give them a sporting chance and take the elephant gun next time :05:

Thanks for a top day out Chris and hope we can do more of the same and get you your first jewie on plastics.

post-256-022796800 1292649407_thumb.jpg

post-256-094399100 1292649414_thumb.jpg

post-256-036835100 1292649421_thumb.jpg

post-256-093173100 1292649429_thumb.jpg

post-256-092077500 1292649436_thumb.jpg

post-256-072315500 1292649444_thumb.jpg

post-256-025946900 1292649452_thumb.jpg

post-256-052471200 1292649461_thumb.jpg

post-256-062775700 1292649469_thumb.jpg

post-256-016846400 1292649478_thumb.jpg

post-256-016217000 1292649486_thumb.jpg

Cheers Swordie

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Nice variety of fish Swordy & Smitty - well done :thumbup:

What gave way - the 4lb fireline / 12lb leader / knot?



The fireline was burnt off as the jewie ran through the pylons and my poor old T Curve has never been stretched that far before :1yikes:

The knot held fantastically with a 5 turn surgeon knot and 12 lb nitlon leader.

Cheers Stewy

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Nice job boys,

What a great day of fishing and its always the best story (the one that got away)?? :tease:

Was talking to Smitty today and i tell you Stewy he was so impressed with that little real he was talking like he had just kissed his first girl??? :1prop: I know what Smitty wants for Xmas oh yeah me to please Santa. :1fishing1:

Ho Ho Ho have a great Xmas guys.

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Nice work as always swordie!

starting to crack some jews consistantly makes me want to give them a go as well.

good conditioned bream as well, many on the surface lures yet?

berowra creek is awful for bream at the moment.

I think maybe 27 deg water is a tad too hot for the bream. bass love it though


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  • 3 weeks later...

NICE report, i wish i was there to witness you get smoked ALL those times in the Cooks..... :1yikes:

Like you said before, you should have brought the shot gun if you wanna crack that magic 100cm Jewie....

Thats one of my main goals this year, to crack that 100cm mark, with your knowledge maybee a double hook up.... :1prop:

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