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Another Donut King Report


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OK not quite a donut season but a pretty ordinary season considering the effort I have been putting into it lately. From all accounts (in Sydney at least, and bonnies aside) sounds like I'm not alone.

Took the canoe out on Sunday morning as the boat is out of action due to a wiring/electrical problem that I cannot diagnose let alone fix. Wouldn’t you know it the wiring on the canoe was also playing up. I didn’t have time to fix it so I had to go sans sounder, bait tank pump and all round light.

Launched at the Spit about 530am. Had enough squid in the tank by 7. Top up the tank with a bailer and off I went. Conditions seemed perfect being overcast, a light nor westerly and a strong run out tide. Spent the next 3 hours or so down rigging the Spit to the Bluff and back for one rat.

Looking at the diary we ("the boat")have only caught 2 keepers from 8 trips over the past 3 months and one of those fish was to a novice on board. That said I had exactly the same result for the same period last year (20 more squid) only one of the fish was a 90 and we had some fishless trips or less fish due to big bust offs. Things didn’t really pick up for me until January this year.

Lets see what Santa and the New Year brings us all.



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No Dave you're not alone! It is pretty tough out there. It started off really good in about October but it has dipped dramatically since then!!!

It is very slow compared to last year - admittedly i do get to spend a fair bit of the summer on the water but this time last year it was firing big time. Similar to you i have only had about 10 or 12 legals so far his season since October and lots of fishless trips in between. Seeing as i caught 3 legals in one trip and 5 on another that is a lot of times i have got donuts! (i don't count bonnies or Rats)

Heres hoping it will pick up dramatically in January...

Hope you get your boat sorted soon - if you don't let me know and i'll take you out on a trip or two. I think you have my number - if you don't pm me.



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Similar story here. Went out Saturday morning with my son, kayaking. We were on the water before 6 (driving down from the mountains). Trolled up and down and across; not a damn thing on lures.

We both picked up a few pretty baby snapper when we dropped a prawn or two, but registered a fat zero on keepers of any description.

Might try Hacking next after drawing blanks on Middle Harbour twice this year :(

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