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Jervis Bay


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Hey guys,

I've been wanting to fish jervis bay for a long time now but having never owned a boat i've never been able to convince any of my mates that do to head down there. Well i finally got of my ass and purchased one myself an its looking like i might finally be able to get down there in the next few weeks to give it a nudge.

Having never fished there i'd love for anyone to give me a few tips. Ill mostly be targeting kings and squid for catching kings but im sure if the bonnies are on down there at the moment like they are in sydney i wont hesitate to put them down or the odd slimy or yakka.

I also cant help but get the marlin of the rocks dvds out of my head so thats always an option to although i think ill try it from my boat instead. Its only a 4.8 center console so wont be heading to far offshore so if you have any spots you could recomend id be most appreciative!

I was also wondering about where you can get the no fishing zone maps???



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Jervis bay is a good fishing spot, and you dont need to go to far off shore to catch some big fish, you can get the zoning maps from the toll booth on your way into the park from memory,

good luck i hope you come back with an XOS Kingy!!!


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