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85Cm Harbour King This Morning


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Hi Raiders,

Hit the harbour well after sun up, went to the usually yakka spot, got one yakka in an hour of trying.

Headed off to another wharf, where a couple of young guys were fishing for yakkas.

Asked if they wanted to swap a live Bonito for the 3 yakkas they had - they agreed and I promised to

bring them back a king if I got one. Headed off to the harbour with 3 live and one dead yakka.

Set up the paravane and the downrigging and made the first pass.

Both rods go off simultaneously within 30 seconds of trolling.

Realising my paravane (which is a family heirloom - my dad would kill me if i lost it)

is headed to the marker at a horrendous speed I grab that rod first - In a bid to save it I locked the spool but the fish is already home, luckily i had braid to the paravane and a light leader so I got it back. Meanwhile the fish on the downrigger has hit the bottom and cut through the 60lb leader.

I rerig the downrigger and make another pass - It gets hit but doesnt bust the rubber band.

Thinking its a bonnie or salmon I bust it off and start winding. Without much of a fight and no drag I have a king

6 feet under the boat that could be beat PB. I reach for the net and start winding the leader through the guides, and it just powers off for the bottom.

Luckily i had now drifted into 50 feet of water miles away from anything so his fate is sealed. It is the first real test of my Baitrunner 8000D, the fish made three runs to the bottom, but he was beaten in a minute or two and safely in the net.

I now only had a dead yakka, so I headed off back to the young blokes to try and swap the kingy for more yakkas. Got back there and they were gone, obviously though the bonito was a great catch and left, so they didnt get there king and I couldnt steal more of their yakkas

Tried for yakkas and got none!

Went back out and decided to try Geoff Wilsons Kingfish lure - some random squid looking thing with three ganged hooked rig that i bought some time ago. Tied it onto the paravane, first past up it comes with a 60cm rat which has swallowed all three of the ganged hooks.

Finally got it out and sent him on his way. Another past another rat.

Then I chucked a halco twisty out and got another rat.

Headed back to the ramp and was home just after 9 ready for work - If I had more yakkas probably would have still been there

post-2971-046514700 1292887342_thumb.jpg

Not quite my PB of 86cm (on pillie on 6kg straight to the hook) - but close, if i stretched the tail it would go maybe 87cm

I have been trying to land a Legal king on 4lbs straight to the hook and pillies in MH harbour - currently kings are 6 to me 0.

Hooked a 80cm on 4lbs with a pillie that was swimming around the transom when i pulled the bomb up on Friday last week -

didnt have a chance with that one.

My four goals this season are:

1. to land at least a keeper on 4lbs no leader- might have to wait until they arrive at Clifton for that one

2. Get a landbased King. I'm thinking Lavender Bay might give me a good shot at that one

3. Catch a legal King (or any King) when jigging with Jim77 - Got all the gear, just suck at jigging

4. Land a metre+ king. I have hooked two and both times way outgunned

One more day until i go away for Christmas - hopefully I'll get out tomorrow.

Wind was strong today, but the water was pretty flat. I think people will do well over Christmas

I'll be squidding in Adelaide over the break


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