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Nelsons Bay & Stockton Beach


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I suppose it's time to write up my first Fishing Report!

I drove up to Port Stephens early Saturday morning, arrived at around 6 am.

I was on the break wall by 6:30 with some prawns and pillies, while trying to catch some yakkas.

No Yakkas :thumbdown: however did catch a good deal of baby snapper and bream.

That afternoon, I met up with a friend who lives on Stockton Beach and we headed down.

We both had surf rigs set up with a popper and a ganged pillie on the bottom.

After about an hour of watching the sunset with a few beers we saw a few guys on our right hook up.

They pulled in two 45 cm flat heads. While we walking back to our rods we saw a massive school of salmon pretty much on the shore chasing a school of baby tailor.

I have never ran as fast as I did back to my rod.

We wound in and put on some silver lures and trolled across the sides of the school. By this time a few other guys had ran over to chime in on the action. We managed to hook up 3 tailor and I managed to land a pretty good salmon.

After that, the mossies got the best of us and we headed in.

The next day, we headed out on a small tinny around nelsons bay and drifted along the break wall.

We hooked up almost every time we dropped our bait. We caught 26-27 cm snapper all day :ranting2:

I also had a ganged pillie down which managed a rat kingie.

On Monday before driving back I wanted to try the Beach again and so using a whole pillie on one rod and a lure on the other I hit up the beach.

After about an hour, the pillie rod went pretty crazy and pulled in (I think) a Ray shark? or Shovel nosed shark.

I happened to have my phone on me so took a quick photo, before sending it on its way.

I hope this report is up to scratch :)


post-16787-026914100 1292895831_thumb.jpg

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Nice weekend mate stockton is a hard one but nelsons bay would have been nice,maybe next time,thinking of giving stockton a go myself in the break of the beach some where away from the crowds...:1fishing1:

Yeah should be pretty awesome man.

Let me know when you go.

Would love to head up that way again.

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