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Hay Trip


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Just back from the 'Bidgee at Hay - day's travel either way so only fished Saturday & Sunday. Camped at the Four Mile reserve west of Hay on lthe Maude road. Not a bad launch ramp there and locals were putting in there and moving to camps down river.


Saturday was very quiet - a couple of bumps and thats about all. Even the locals said it was quiet. Sunday saw a small cod in the boat and released after photos. Also saw a few nice yellowbelly and some small cod (undersized). :1clap:

Locals reckon this has generally been a good year with more native fish caught than carp - which is GOOD news. :thumbup: Fishing picks up when water is released from higher up for irrigation - unfortunately the release was not going to happen until today and the flow would not reach Hay until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Nice spot to camp - no amenities but free hot showers are available in Hay at the Visitors Centre. Missus explored old Hay (Bishop's Lodge, Hay Gaol, WW2 Prisoner of War camp etc) and read in camp while I flogged the river with all sorts of lures and the dog had her nose in the air sniffing all the time. Thank god no pigs were on the bank or I would still be looking for her.


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Dave W - Nope - use 'em for a lot of other things though. :tease: I think it was on an Oargee Plough. Favoured lure by a lot of locals was the big stumpjumper on one rod and a medium Stumpjumper on the other (one for Cod and one for Yellas)

Mark D - Yep - a small (but legal) cod. I keep hoping for one that I have to tow ashore so I don't swamp the boat :biggrin2:

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don't feel so bad about missing the "release" and rise of the river because it hasn't happened. Been checking the bidgee everyday at gundagai for a month on my way to Sydney and it hasn't risen an inch. Think one of the locals may have been trying to increase tourism a bit. Well done on the fishing though.


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