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Rock Hopping Warriewood (With Pic)


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Went for a quick rock hop at Warriewood on Sunday 19 December with a few friends. Was nursing a massive self inflicted headache from believe it or not a Friday Work Christmas party.

The water was very flat and there was very little wash about.

Was fishing with peeled prawn. Action was pretty slow, but a friend did manage a nice 40 cm ish snapper and rat king, which he reluctantly released on my advice as it was under 65 cm (he thought the size limit was 60). Catch of the day was a 46 cm Red Morwong by me - heh heh.

Think that may been new Fishraider record (will post evidence tonight)?

post-5913-032920600 1293006505_thumb.jpg

Decided to keep it as have not been on the rocks for a while. Cooked a fillet by steaming Chinese style with shallots, ginger, shao xing wine, light soy, sugar and chicken stock. Yummo - very similar to Snapper.

I did manage to loose my work phone. If anyone finds a blackberry down on the rocks let me know. It was in a zip lock bag, but i'm sure its fried by now. Still the SD card contains a lot of important information including all my Swiss bank account details and passwords :) but more importantly some pics of my recent catches.

Will post a pic tonight


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