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Hawkesbury-Bar Point Weekender:))


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heyy guys,

weve just booked a place on the water at bar pt for a few days including australia day. I ended up not getting a jewie outfit but a nice light outfit for bream, flathead and whiting which will be the bulk of the catch hopefully. I'm going to fish off the wharf alot which last time produced a truckload of catfish, undersized tailor, a few bream around 24cm and a flounder and flathead. We will fish milsons island, the vines and bar pt itself. any tips on where to fish, rigs and gear would be great. i have a daiwa regal 4000 reel. can this be used for jewies. need rigs for live poddy mullet for jewies and flathead.


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gday tom, on the end of milson island you will see a red pole right where the water swings around the island.

fish in the edge of the eddy on the run in tide and you will get jew there (fresh squid or tailer fillets)and sometimes some monster bream school up and can be caught in good numbers on peeled hawkesbury prawns.

also dead smack in the middle of the river straight out from the wharf on milson is usually good for flathead and flounder with some big bream and the odd jew.This spot is well worth a try at night if you dont get annoyed by catfish and quite often fishes well during the day also.

use peeled prawns for the smaller stuff and again fresh or quality frozen squid or fresh tailer fillets for the jew.

you will handle most jew on a reel that will hold around 450 -500mtrs of 12 or 15lb line at these spots as there is nothing for them to run around however be prepared to up anchor and motor slowly towards the fish to regain line if you get a really big fish or you could get spooled. if it takes half the spool dont sit there and wait for it to take the second half - chase it. just dont panic you would be surprised how quickly you can regain line if you do it at just the right speed.

good luck and let me know how you go.


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I used to drift around the end of Milson Island back towards Mooney Mooney for good flatties and the odd Jew, you have to pick the tides though as the flatties will hold up on one side depending on the flow and wait for the bait to come to them, As far as Jews go we caught a few at the vines about 3 boat lenghts off the shore near where a big rock had fallen down the hill recently and knocked over some trees.

Good luck - the hawkesbury can be tricky at times - the back of dangar island is good for bream also if you can get further down the river.

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I fish the Hawkebury very regulary. There were some nice jewies taken last weekend at Little Wobby on both lure and bait. If you are lucky Ian at the baitshop in Brooklyn (a few door down from the Anglers Rest Hotel) will have fresh local squid which he gets form the co-op. You can't beat fresh local squid.

Good luck with it


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