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Good Fishing Spots At Hamilton Island From Land?


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G'day Fishraiders,

Am going to Hamilton Island next week and want to do some fishing. I have booked a charter which is mainly targeting reef species with the possibility of live baiting for spaniards.

But on the other days i wanted to do some fishing of my own hopefully from the land or even tinnie hire (If the missus lets me) do you guys know of any good locations from the main island? are there any reefs accessible from tinnie?

My weapon of choice will be a Daiwa Tierra 2pc matched with a Daiwa Luna 300 spooled with 15LB Braid.

If anyone knows of any spots where i can live bait and throw lures for spaniards, small tuna and Trevally would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Stan.

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I was there early this year, you can fish the wharf next to the airport in the evening, the local go there and cast net livies make good firends with them and you will have bait for the whole night, also bring some squid jigs and we cleaned up on squid there as well.

Do be surprised if you get smoked, as this happened on many occasions when we were there.

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Take a bait jig with you . Off the marina art night there are heaps of bait there . Check your tide there as it will make a big difference . There are reefs all along the western side . I dont think you can take the tinny to far from the main marina but take some livey hook & hang on with some big cod there off the reefs . If you get any small reef fish put a hook through its back & they will go off as well . You could also take a couple of bibbed minnows as you can troll from the tinny .

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Hi Stan

What did you find at Hamilton Island.

Have a trip there next week


Hi Mate, sorry for the late reply i got back not long ago. I caught a lot of coral trout, red throat and approx 200kg shark from a fishing charter boat. From the harbour, i took the advice and went on the wharf at the airport. and i got smoked twice lol if i were you bring some heavier gear and fish at night. Live bait was the way to go, any of the small reef fish there do well but i used live squid and caught 1 GT (2 of them i lost which were much bigger) a coral trout and something else that almost emptied my whole spool (once again failed attempt at landing it). fish at night, you will have the best luck i have found and bring squid jigs as mentioned.

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Im heading there in march for a wedding so im bringing some gear with me.... Ive been there 11yrs ago but never gave fishing a shot.. From predator reports im not sure what rod to bring to not get spooled.... Should i bring my nitro viper with 30lb or bring my jig rod with 50/80lb???????

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mate if your going to fish from land a good 8 - 10 kg outfit should do the trick. i love to fish the lightest possible for big fish to make it more interesting.

I think a good set up would be a good travel rod

9 foot or under in the 6 - 10kg range spooled with 30LB braid.

MUST bring wite trace, there are alot of spaniards there that are waiting to maul your leader.

If fishng for GT's just use fluro or mono but thick! the GT's there go straight for the pylons.

If you got the nitro viper that rod is a beast and should do nicely. i was going to bring a t curve revolution but opted for the smaller daiwa. OBVIOUSLY not a good idea lol i got destroyed so many times i simply could not stop the trevally there. there are also alot of rays so using big dead baits on the bottom isnt nessicarily a good isdea. Poppers worked really well as did soft plastics in any of the jerk shad style in white on a heavy jig head with medium retrieve without letting it touch the bottom flick it back to you.

Also i have heard alot of live baits go off there.

I wish i had heavier gear atleast then i would had some photos with some angry gts : (

Make sure you use a long length of leader i reckon 3 metres is good and a good spinning reel or a larger overhead e.g. trinidad or tekota. I went for a little daiwa lunar 300 which is basically a calcutta and my reel, line, drag everything all got raped by the GT's lol.

Was still good fun though.

Have fun on them and let us know how u go

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