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Monster Flathead At Bobbin Head!


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Went to bobbin head yesterday with a friend, chasing squid and bream, and all those sorts of things. Anyway, caught a few squid at Apple Tree Bay first off, already a great start :biggrin2: Then we went over to Bobbin head and fished off the jetty, berleyed up and had a nice few fish in the trail, so fished an unweighted fillet of pilchard and pulled up a few nice bream going 27, 29, and 26cms, but all were released. :thumbup: In the berley trail, we caught a yakka, which we put straight back into the water....mounting a 4/0 hook. :biggrin2: we left that out for about 15 minutes before.... BANG!!! something had smashed the livebait and the reel was singing, with 8lb line just peeling off for about 15 seconds before stopping. My friend then played in the fish for another ten minutes before getting it to the jetty and seeing it was a Flathead!!! We had no net, so I tried wrestling it onto the jetty, took 2 or 3 minutes, and cuts all over my hands, but We landed it! It went a massive 81cms!!! :yahoo::biggrin2: I wanted to let it go, but my friend is relatively new to fishing and wanted to keep it as it was his first ever flathead. Ive been fishing for ten years and this was only his 3rd ever fishing trip and he has already caught a bigger flathead than i have in my life! :mad3: Next time Im pushing him in and taking his rod and reeling in the big fish myself :biggrin2:

Here's a photo of the beast...

post-14580-081361400 1293062705_thumb.jpg

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Great catch boys!! Fished there for many many years and beats my Bobbinhead PB, if you feel like a short walk, Stingray Bay around from Apple tree on the track is good for Squid!

Should make a great meal and good on ya for thinking of catch n release. I think keeping your first is pretty fair!


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