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Blacksmith Beach/swansea Breakwall 22/12/10


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Yesterday afternoon old man, a mate and myself went up to the breakwall at swansea. Got our rods set up and got lines into the water around 6pm. first fish we caught was a bream. There was a few blokes on the rocks that came over to us after we landed that fish saying they've been here fishing all day and you guys jst came along and landed one. LOL Next was a salmon, breams and whiting for the next of the night. after ihgh tide peaked, action was almost dead. By 11.30, almost everyone was gone from the breakwall and we decided to end the night as well.

Catch for the night:

Bream 31cm, 30cm, 29cm, 27cm, 26cm

salmon 58cm

Whiting 40cm

shovelnose ray. didnt measure.

All fish were kept for a good feed, except for the shovelnose ray which we put back into the water. :biggrin2::1fishing1:

post-16036-084872600 1293066084_thumb.jpg

post-16036-089425500 1293066130_thumb.jpg

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