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Octa Jig & Lucanus Jigs

Catchin Jack

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Hi guys,

Been looking at getting these jigs and am wondering if anyone uses them or has used them.

Interested to know how they go and how you fish them.

Here's the ones i'm looking at


I've heard some people just lower them down, put rod in holder and let the movement of the boat do the action of moving the jig up and down etc.

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i have used the lucanas jigs, and they were a treat for me, i was on a charter for snapper and used one, hook up every time, i just left it their in the rod holder and that was all, hooks on them are vey small but extremly strong for its size

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G'day Fezza,

They catch almost everything for me... as long as it's an ooglie :1badmood:

Mind you, last time I put one down with Jewhunter on board, we'd no sooner commented on expecting to bring up some sort of Mother In Law fish when the rod buckled and I was comprehensively destroyed on 30lb.

Just drop them down and leave the rod in the rod holder... the slow action from waves seems to be the go.

Cheers, Slinky

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