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Hodgey (44), Brian (43), Mc Fishn (26), Pongrass18Ft (39)

Ray R

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:1happybday: :1happybday: :1happybday:

WOHOO!!! Many Happies, Ian - hope they give you ANOTHER bunch of FISHY THINGS today for your birthday!! Make sure you have :beersmile: :beersmile: :beersmile: as well!! It will be stinking hot here today! Pleasantly cool yesterday tho, with light drizzle & overcast til early afternooon.

Have a good one! :thumbup:



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The Old Master turns 44!!! Congrats mates....Sounds like time to go and smack a bream, bass and EP in the one session that all measure 44 to the fork, now that would be present that takes some beating.... :1yikes::1yikes:

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Cheers everyone, and thank you for the many texts and phonecalls! :thumbup:

Scored VERY well today, with spinnerbaits, hardbodies, soft plastics, blades, Kokoda fishing shirt and a T Curve Revolution Bream Stick all being added to my collection today :yahoo:

The weather is pretty ordinary, so I might just kick back and have a rum or two :biggrin2:

:1happybday: to the other Raiders celebrating today! :beersmile:



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