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Hey so I am sure this would have been asked a million times on this site or explained at least once :)

So if someone can direct me to the appropriate place.

I am new to fishing, just got my first surf caster for Christmas (see this forum post about our setup if you are interested - http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=52533 My parents bought my wife and me some gear)

So we live at Terrigal on the Central Coast, and I hope to do some beach fishing at Avoca, Terrigal Haven and Forresters beach.

So what is the best time/tides etc to head down?

We will be avoiding casting from the rocks for now, no experience so will just go off the beach. Is there a particular post anyone is aware of we should be reading to get started?

And what spot on the beach should we aim for? Hit a rip? Or to the side of one in the breaking area (as in cast behind the breakers).

Looking forward to getting into it.

Thanks heaps!


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Hi RandomDave,

Welcome to Fishraider. I live at Terrigal also, and I think you have made a good choice. Fish the beach, avoid the rocks and you will have fun AND catch fish. Typically, our beaches fish better on a high than a low because they are a bit shallow on the low. However if theres been a storm and there are deep holes on the beach, the lows can be fantastic too. There is a series of good highs coming up later this week, For example, Friday is 5.30pm or so. So each day after that will actually be better for a few days.

Beach fishing is pretty simple, here is the formula;

- Low light (morning or night), so don't fish for 6 hours ever. Go home and come back at that night.

- lower seas are easier and seemingly better so if its a 3M swell stay home.

- try and fish water that is interesting for a fish, you can probably find some good threads on this, but I always try and look for milky looking water that has hit a sandbank and spills into deeper water. Wamberal also often has left to right rips spilling into holes, and these are good too.

- frozen pillies for tailor and salmon on gang hooks

- live worms on #6 long shanks hooks for whiting and bream. (its worth the drive to Long Jetty to buy them live).

- I don't see many fish come from the Haven. But Avoca and Wamberal certainly produce.

There you go, honestly, you will love it and its hard to go wrong if you put the odds in your favour.


The Poacher

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This time of year I would definantly being taking worms as the tailor are sporadic, and the whiting and bream have been good. If you don't there is always a strong likelihood of a salmon. Typically you will get one or two salmon, but not 8 or 10. They seem to be regular in low numbers off the beaches. You get bigger numbers at Hargreaves and Birdie Beach.

The Poacher

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