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Recommendation For A 2500 Reel And A Rod To Suit?


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I've had a Shimano Saros 2500F (for the past two years) on an Ian Miller 7' 6'' 2 piece Rack Raider finesse bream. I use it for chasing flathead, whiting, bream and trevally with soft plastics and blades. Obviously the Saros is not in the same class as a Stella, but if you're looking for something a lot cheaper the Saros has never let me down on the lighter stuff. I landed an 83cm flathead on this outfit (released after a measure), so it can handle a good tussle.


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hi barredup,

assuming by what you wrote u want quality gear, having said that stella's now come in smaller sizes 1000fe to 4000fe. they are awesome pieces of gear though out of my price bracket lol. i have a 2500 sol, 2500 tierra, both i have matched with t curve tourny's 2-5kg. the combo's feel great and have landed up to 4kg jews (dropped larger - busted light line but felt as though they would have landed) as well as squid, ep's, bream, whiting and flatties. i guess im saying they are quite versatile, with both being used most of the time with soft plastics, but work equally as well with bait (hmmmm maybe not too heavy sinkers though). they were pefectly suited to my budget and are both great to use (though the sol is a much much nicer reel). i cannot fault these rods either quite sensitve and have a softer tip (than my sol light-med rod).

hope this has given you assistance


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