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St Georges Basin


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As promised, here is my first fishing report! Towed the shiny new boat to Sanctuary Point and waited impatiently for Xmas lunch to finish so I could dunk the boat for the first time!

Took one of the locals with us (a friend of the out-laws) who was kind enough to show us a few spots.

Only keeper for the day was a 29cm Flounder from the banks near Sussex Inlet channel, but we picked up a few undersized Flathead and Whiting. I did manage to get a few GPS marks into the chartplotter for next time I'm down there.

Experienced a lot of frustration as the fish alarm on the finder went off repeatedly (I'd set it for saltwater large :thumbup:) as a bait school hovered under the boat with "something" chasing them around. Threw every soft plastic I had at them and tried jigging, walking and fast retrieves but not a sign of interest. Even tried some whole squid but they weren't playing. Ah well, this is why we love fishing, isn't it?

The new boat performed above all expectations. A bit noisy on the short chop as it slapped through it on the plane but that's aluminium for you. It'll take some time to get everything sorted how we want it but as my better half puts it - "I'm a very happy boy!"

Off to Nelsons Bay today for 6 days and I'll be sure to bring the camera this time!!

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