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Any Tips For Fishing Swansea Channel


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anyone got any tips for fishing the channel? with the wind lately making my spots in the lake hard to fish with plastics i headed up the channel out of the wind but the current moves super quick, is it only good in between tides? we anchored but i could hardly get my plastic to the bottom until i whacked on a biig jighead. got 1 small 36cm flatty which we released. any tips would b appreciated .

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Swansea channel is ok to drift, you'll need heavier jig heads, otherwise anchor close to sandbars or mangroves and slow retrieve.

Try drifting further up channel toward Pelican, Belmont way.

Or try other spots in lake like Wangi Point, Murrays Beach or Pulbah Island.

For more info try the search function, heaps of posts about Swansea and Lake Macquarie.

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