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Botany Bay


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took my dad out fishing today for the first time in, well, too long to be met by sloppy water on the run out tide, first stop was the 3rd runway where i managed a lovely fat 63cm flathead, Dad got 2 small choppers and that was it for that spot, we trolled down to Cronulla with none of the lures being bothered and did a few drifts for flathead, after a couple of keepers hit the deck we had a big run on a lucaus jig that ended with the fish (i called it for a PJ or a slow moving freight train)busting off on the light gear.

we trolled back to the bay and around cape solander the 110 trembler went off on the 30lb outfit, with Dad on strike he picked up the rod and watch line peel off until the braid got rubbed through and the fish swam away with one of my christmas presents.

back in the bay for a drift without result we packed up and headed for home. not a great trip as far as the fishing results went ( i am well pleased with the 63cm model and for the first time ever outfishing my dad) but you cant beat a day on the water with a great mate, unless that great mate is your Dad. heres a bad photo of a good fish :P

post-470-030012300 1293519824_thumb.jpg

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