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Clear Up The Two Nautical Mile Rule


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I have had conflicting info re: where the two nautical miles is measured from, one says its from the heads of say port hacking or botany bay.Meaning if you head either straight out or left or right along the coast line from those points.

The other says anywhere from any shore line for eg off say the austinmer boat ramp which runs straight into the ocean.So virtually i could travel under two nautical mile from the shore anywhere along the coast line!!

The reason i ask is i want to fish at maroubra but cant afford an epirb at the moment, also i dont intend on doing a whole lot of offshore fishing but i would like to be able to fish off say the boat ramp at austinmer or head out from port hacking but travel along the coast line and try different spots.

I have all the other safety equipment flares ect.


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Gday Mate,

My understanding is that the 2nm limit is measured from the open water line near the heads of Sydney Harbour then 2 nm due east and from the open water line near the heads to botany bay and 2nm due east. Draw a line between the 2 points and you have the 2nm limit for this part of the coast.

Ive plotted it approximately on the photo below



post-3138-069894200 1293656530_thumb.jpg

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As quoted from the NSW Maritime website

A 406MHz EPIRB is a simple and effective alerting and locating device that is compulsory for all vessels operating more than two nautical miles from the shore.

As it says "from the shore", which means as long as you're within 2 nautical miles of the "shore" you do not need an epirb.

Again from Maritime website

The Marine Safety (General) Regulation 2009 makes a 406MHz EPIRB required for all vessels, with some exceptions, when more than 2nm from the nearest shore.

The meaning of "offshore"

The English term 'offshore' has several senses: 1: at some distance from the shore; 2: away from shore; away from land; 3: (of winds) coming from the land

As long as you stay within 2 nautical miles of "shore" you are legal.

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bob is nearly right...

yes 2nm directly east of the open water line and any other land mass...

this means if you are 2nm off say bluefish point near manly then you drift nth you are illegal as the land mass curves in a fair way so adjustments needed..

i had the waterways triple check this as a guy i know was saying something dif and i wanted to be sure...

always give the appropriate authorities a ring to confirm what is right as interpretations from people can make differences and the outcomes off this may not be good...

get waterways to double check as the first guy you talk to may not know 100% ...

the cost of a epirb will be well spent if its needed and i went the gps version as a few hundred dollars spent would be very small while bobbing around in water waiting for help ...

hope this helps.....


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