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All Round Rod?


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hey guys, just after some opinions on what you think would make a good all-rounder rod for use in the harbour targeting bream, flatties, trevally, snapper, tailor, salmon and small kings, on plastics, metals and bait.

i would like to match it to a 2500 certate. i think i would prefer a longer butt and preferrably cork.

looking to spend up to $350.

thanks for your opinions guys.

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G'day David,

I own both a Nitro Distance spin and the Lox 2-5kg Snapper. I think both have drawbacks... the Nitro is a bit too long (7'6") for working small lures up close around structure for bream and flatties and the Lox is a bit heavy for bream lures.

But that's the problem with wanting an 'all rounder' there has to be compromise somewhere. If you're not planning on chasing bream too often then both would be great but I'd probably think about a lighter rod for bream.

Cheers, Slinky

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