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If You Go Out In The Woods Today -------


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sorry for the lead in!

went to apple tree bay [bobbin head] tonight

planning to walk around to the next bay for a fish!

long story short

my son didnt bring the light so we stopped for a fish halfway around off a rock let the young fella grab 2 small squire and packed up before it was dark

headed back down the track getting dark

woah woah woah frikken woah

big big blacksnake sitting on the path

backup backup

this guy was a monster

grabbed my kid and backed up the path and sent my mate in to look after it lol

1st attempt: throw 1.5mt log approx 1 mt from target to scare him off

Successful in trajectory unfortunately though snake was not bothered

Getting darker!!!

Attempt 2 : bigger log same reasoning!

again trajectory perfect

however snake still shows contempt and now im thinking is this a joke[rubber snake]

seconds pass then finally snake motions off gives us its impression of a finger and slides down towards the waters/cliff edge

run !!! says my mate

cmon boy i say lets gtfoh

so remember snakes dont necessarily give way

i probably will inform parks and wildlife this is only 100mts from the boat ramp

and this fella looked very comfy in his/her surroundings

So warning big effing snake at apple tree bay

and im just damm glad i didnt wait a minute longer to head back or i woulda trod on that monster in the dark


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