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Coffs Harbour Fishing?


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Hello fellow Raiders, I'm planning a trip up to CoffsHarbour just after NewYears, and was wondering if anyone has any fishing reports for that region? More than likely I will be landbased. So I would appreciate any information and/or locations. Thanks in advance. Dave

Mate I have no recent info but I lived there for 5 years until 2004. Coffs is one of the best spots to catch jewies of the beach. If you know how to catch beachworms, these are the gun bait. Otherwise ask where you can buy them live, there will be places.

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Welcome to Fish Raider.

When you get there theres a big tackle shop that will give good advise.

We smashed a stack off kings off sth solitary island last year but that wont help if your land based. I have heard some nice mangrove jacks are living around the boat harbour and breakwalls. We even seen a green sea turtle swiming around the main jetty. Very fishy and clean, your sure to find some good fish.

Lata Raida


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