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Mallacoota Black Bream... and some flatties too!


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Hello Raiders!

Just got back from a 7 day stint in sunny Mallacoota!

The first couple of days down there the wind was howling, and there were white caps on the lake. Not the best conditions for a v nose punt! I still managed to get out and have a flick around the bridge down the road from the log cabin me and the missus stayed in. This was a landbased affair. I happened to have some bread in the car so I burleyed up after showing the missus how to drive an ecogear sx 40f with her new ballistix rod she got for Christmas. Boy was I in for a shock! More than 50 black bream came running from cover bold as brass and started scoffing the bread down! 50 per cent of these looked to be over 30 cms too! I gave up on the lures and put on a small hook with some bread on it, and had a crack at polaroiding these bream. Totally immersed now in trying to land one of these big boys (I had never caught a black bream before) I failed to notice Hayley had got bored of my cursing over dropped fish and ventured to the other side of the bridge and started flicking her ecogear around. I was then interrupted by an urgent "babe!" and I knew by the sound of her voice she was onto something. I dropped my rod and was over there in a flash, and sure enough, she had a nice fat bream with the sx40f hanging out of its gob! " I cast under the bushes like you said" she exclaimed happily- I was so proud that she actually listened when I explained to her the importance of fishing near structure.post-11447-013553700 1293964625_thumb.jpg

post-11447-035757300 1293964688_thumb.jpg

This is the bush that hayley cast under and got the hookup

My burleying also attracted schools of around 2-300 garfish which became a bit of a pain in the end. I didnt bother catching any as I was focusing on the bream.

We went out a couple of times in the tinny over the next few days, but only for a few hr sessions at a time. In the end we caught a few flatties, and released over 100 Black bream (and ate 6 or 7).

People, if you ever wanted to go somewhere to practice catching Bream on lure, this is the place to go. They are there in plague proportions. It was amazing to see.post-11447-092495900 1293965010_thumb.jpg

post-11447-007046100 1293965063_thumb.jpg

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Mate how good is that cricket score numbers in Black bream....were you chucking just placcy's....we normally do most of the damage in 'coota' on blades....

We used bait, plastics and hardbodies. I must admit I spend a lot of time sight fishing for the bigger bream with the bread. I never knew you could catch them on bread before. And the sight of the hundreds of garfish milling around was pretty cool. Another time I'd like to go back with a couple of buddies and put in some proper hrs and commitment with the plastics and vibes.


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