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fuel options syd harbour


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hi guys,

heading out onto the harbour (and outside if wind allows) from tuesday for a long session and prob wont hit land again till thursday...

where is best place to fill up on water,cheapest and safest...

while were at it i want to target garries for bait first time so any spots would be helpful..

i usually just get fresh ones for swim/skip baits but the couple times i have had live ones over the yrs as bycatch have been nailed in minutes so want to spend an hr or 2 see how i go seeing as squid are hit and miss atm...

i plan to be heading straight back out for another real long one for a couple days and may have a spot available to be confirmed ... prefer someone i already know from here and if getting wet bothers you (rain forcasted) dont reply but i have a 5.3 half cab so ya can hide under there while i catch all the fish :biggrinthumb:..

will be either hitting harbour/outside again or maybe pitty/outside..

anyone else heading out tues/wed .


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the closest place to fill up near the heads is clontarf marina just before the spit on the right hand side going up stream.for price they are arn"t to bad but you know you are going to pay a mozza for fuel on the water.good luck on the long sessions and hope you catch a few cheers dunc333.

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