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Hey there, I have not been prawning for more than 15years now and would like to have a go again as i remember it being a bit of fun.

I have heard that Lake Illawarra is a good place to go to get a decent feed of prawns, where should i go to find a good spot? Similarly the entrance, where are good spots to try?

I have heard some stories that the entrance is a bit of a nightmare to go prawning due to the numbers of people. Is there anywhere else near by that i could try?

Cheers H

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G-day heamish, we normally go to the entrance, from the bridge to the lake entrance normaly do very good there. Also we go a lot to Windang from the ialand to the road bridge and again do very good here.Normaly we go for about 6 hrs at nite & have heaps of fun. We just dont go near the those spots in the holiday season way to many people there .. anyway happy prawnin

cheers john

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