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Botany Bay Friday Morning


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Took the old man for a cast this morning off brighton beach, weather wasnt as promising as hoped....

However there was a break in the rain and decided to get out of the car and cast those rods, really had no choice as we had those yabbies clawing away in the live bucket.

Caught quite a few undersize bream (tossed back in)and kept 2 just over, managed also 2 bumper whiting both +35cm in lenght.

Also pulled up 2 large trevally +40cm plus, awesome mixed bag for the beach for a change

Good day out on the bay considering the weather and no boat! lol

Also saw a few schools of fish must have been bonnies or tailer just off the beach harrassing the baitfish there...

All caught on the rising tide.

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Thats pretty good fishing Sparky.I have never fished the brighton Beach area before.Could you give me a general idea as to where I could try only thing that comes to mind is Dolls Point.Also type of gear sinker weights line class and conditions to fish wind direction etc.

Regards Steve

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Yeah try the stretch of sand from kyeemagh baths through to novotel brighton, remember keep moving along a bit if you get no bites till you hit something. Also you will need to wade out to get a good cast in.

Try to use yabbies or worms and if you can throw out a pilchard on ganged hooks as there are the odd large tailer about at times

I use around the 6 kilo braided or mono line, and enough weight to get your bait as far as you can. 10 foot rod is perfect if you can. half metre trace, noticed it is still early in the season but should fire up by end of january and Good luck!

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