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Whats On This Weekend ? 21/22

Ken A

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Its that time of the week again everyone :biggrin2:

Whats the plans this weekend? Fishing or non fishing ?

I'll be getting a Bream session in at some stage this weekend but I have family arriving from Sydney today for a holiday which will affect my fishing time.

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Saturday I will be sending my deckie out in the boat while I get to stay at home and do some trailer maintenence :1badmood: . All going well I will get out for a flick in the afternoon.............. As long as he will come back and pick me up.

Sunday playing soccer if the grounds are open then off to the pub for a few birthday drinks.

Monday is my birthday so I am having the day off work and going :1fishing1: . Depending on how bad the hangover is we will probably head up to Lake Macquarie and drift a poddies around and see if we can entice a flatty or 2

Have a good one all :thumbup:

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G'day all,

Geoff and I are out in his twinfisher chasing some of those Trevors of yours Swoff. :074:

Hoping the weather won't be too bad on Saturday.

We'll have a great day regardless as always. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

Cheers guys, good fishing.


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Guest Jocool

I might...Just might...Be able to get out for a quick spin on Saturday! :wacko:

With a group of world leaders coming over for lunch on Sunday, I need to spend some time on Saturday preparing! :074::074:

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Guest bluecod

If the weather gods are kind on Saturday, will be making a run out to the shelf looking for Mr 'fin and perhaps a Hyperoglyphe antarctica or two if the current/winds are favourable for a deep bottom bounce. :yahoo:

If the weather is unkind, I'll probably stay ashore and earn some brownie points :1naughty: with the :wife:

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I will be ducking out for a half day on sunday looking for fin out wide.

I havnt been out for ages off sydney so i am pumped.

Whatever the weather, i will be out there(given that its under 30knts and 3m seas :1naughty: )

see yas out there :thumbup:


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Ill be going out wide in search of a fin or two

taking my girlfriend out so it should be interesting shes keen to get her first decent fish.

after all my brainwashing i hope i can at least pick her up even a small stripey.

Changa weathers looking good. sunday being the pick. are you going to browns?

hows the new wiring?

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im just scared andrew, last time i took her out she outfished everyone.

my excuse was i was too busy rebaiting for her and taking her fish off to even get a line in!

probably towards the bait station then the shelf.

see how the weather treats us!

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Friday night Junior Cricket Preso. Saturday morning soccer committee duty til lunch, Set up Senior Cricket Preso in the afternoon, attend senior preso in the evening (Geoff Lawson as guest speaker should be good), FA cup party Saturday late, soccer Sunday Lunchtime. Sunday afternoon collapse :1prop:

George - good luck with the trevalla!



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I am putting in at Berowra Waters early Sunday morning so I can try out my new combo :1fishing1: with some plastics. Then meeting up with the family late morning for a bit of cruising and family fun. Hope to get a couple of bream perhaps.


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Guest MarkD

Got a call from a charter with a spare spot for a trip on Saturday chasing Mr Y.F.Tuna....but unfortunately the :wife: has already made plans which involves me playing host to her family for the day :ranting2::ranting2:

Very disapointed as the yellowfin is top of my most wanted list..ah well! May have a land based flick on Sunday.

Tight lines to all those fishin' and if your not have a good one anyway :thumbup:

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Sleep in Saturday Morning as no kids sports this winter.

Perhaps :wife: may get me breakfast in bed!!

Got to go shopping then pick up eldest from school camp. Then find somewhere to toss lures from shore :1fishing1:

Sunday Church in am then gardening in afternoon followed by a few :beersmile:

Good luck everyone and :1happybday: to all those celebrating this weekend

Cheers and Beers


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Fishing at Borumba Dam hopefully to catch a toga or something that i haven't court before. Its a good excuse to go and try all the new Jackalls that I brought at Amart sports this week on special for $21.50 which I thought was an alright price. Just to see what all the hypes about I got a GOLD SHINNER, SHRIMP and HL BLACK if any one has any feed back on tyhe dam or fishing with these lures for natives I would greatly appreciate it.

Cheers Gaven :tease:

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