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Entry to Brisbane waters from Broken Bay


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Hi all,

On Sunday, weather permitting, I'd like to put the boat in at Bayview and pick up my brother in law from Killcare/hardys bay on the central coast then head out for some fishing. It will be my first time going in there. I plan to follow the channel on the east side of the bay ( past Box head, little box head, lobster beach etc.) and just follow the channel markers around.

Can anyone advise me if there is anything I should be looking out for?

thanks for your advice.


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very lumpy indeed, especially in short seas.

as you get about half way between lion island and box head, the swells will come in at an angle....sort of from N.E. as it passes box head, and then as you approach box head or the channel, they'll become a little steeper.

Power thru these, and you'll be into clear waters pretty quickly, and then it's fine.


A week or so after cycle Daniel ripped thru FNQ, we got big swells down here. I was too busy watching people surfing the waves over the sand Bar, and missed the channel. Before I knew it, I was surfing too.....In a 4.75m alloy boat.....NOT FUN.

You'll be fine. It's not a difficult crossing by any means, just watch the weather, and the conditions.


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