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Slow day in Botany Bay


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First day out after last Friday's awesome Kingie session in hope for a similar day, took out a couple of friends that have been nagging me for a while. Got out on the water at 6am and headed to our ususal spot for yakka's (Yarra Bay) and I think my 'Spot X' marking from my last post got has had some effect because when we got there, I think I counted around 10 boats all huddled up in that little corner, it brought a little smile on my face. :biggrin2: Well in no time we had about 12 livies, unfortunately no squid this time. Headed to the 'parking yard' and anchored up. The southerly was blowing pretty hard, and I think I counted 15 boats. Put down some livies and a squid. One of my friends brought his daughters little 2 foot pink rod, and had half a pichard on it to try for trevally, and his little rod almost goes overboard, he's on, and believe or not, a little rat was on. He had a ball of fun on it, 4lb line, but managed to get it into the boat, his first King, he was rapped!!! we all had a good laugh and it was released. Then it quiet, decided to head to the drums, to see if we could change our luck and I think everyone was thinking the same thing, because the parking lot switched over there in no time. Zero there as well, and thought we'd give Mollie another go, and if nothing, we'd head home. Managed to get another King to 66cm (put back in), then packed up home. Friends had a good time, so that was all that mattered, maybe better luck next weekend.

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Great report - even with the lack of fish numbers it sounds like you had a great day out!

I too took a few mates for a fish today and it was a tough day... only managed a single kingfish, 5 flatties, 3 squid and 7 crabs today.

Yesterday we had king coming over the boat left , right and centre!

Catch ya next time at the car park...molli point!



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