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Is shark caught from Port Hacking edible?


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Hi Rraiders,

Caught a shark on saturday night in the hacking.

Looks like a reef shark just over 1m in length (sorry, no pic)

I heard you can eat sharks, but i never tried one (apart from flake - fish n chips) so i released it.

Anyone know if it's ok to eat? worth eating etc?


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G'day elite,

Some shark is great eating... some is disgusting. Some shark flesh when fresh has a slightly ammonia taste... it often disappears if frozen for a while first. With some it's quite strong making them virtually inedible.

I usually keep any bronze whalers I catch around the 1m mark. They're quite nice although not as good as school shark or gummy shark (the 2 species normally sold as 'flake'). I usually pop the fillets in the freezer for a couple of weeks out of habit but they don't need it. Don't get me wrong though, bronzie is great fresh.

DON'T keep any bigger sharks... anything over about 1.5m... as a top of food chain predator, sharks accumulate any pollutants present in a waterway, like heavy metals. Anything over that size should be released. And remember that sharks are under a lot of pressure from illegal fishing so consider letting them go anyway or at least limit what you take.

Cheers, Slinky

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