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Advise one What rod to choose for the shimano C14 reel


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Hi Raiders,

I have decided to go with the shimano c14 2500-4000( still not sure until rod chosen) but i am having trouble choosing a good enough rod. Im rigging up this setup to chase for kiggies,bonitos etc... with lure and soft plastic casting.

Anyone have any recommendations to what rod i can use?

i have researched and reasearched and cant seem to choose one.

Thanks heaps


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I have a T-curve 5-10kg bluewater rod, which is on a 4000 sized ci4 reel.

I find the combo pretty well balanced, and feels really nice. You might want to consider going to a 5-8kg rod instead for the 4000 size.

As for the 2500 size, the 2-4kg rod 7' Tcurve T series is a superb combo. imo

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