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Quiet at Cowan


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Fished today near Jerusalem Bay. The water was very warm, clear, and filled with yakkas. A pretty good current from the run-out tide. Similar conditions a few weeks ago yielded a 46cm Jewie.

I got there early and sent out two live yakkas: one up near the surface, and one about 5m deep where the finder was showing some activity.

In spite of a fair bit of burley, I only picked up two under-sized tailors and one under-sized snapper.

The five-meter deep livie did get smashed... just a touch short of the hook :wacko: . Next time, I'll have the stinger deployed on both livies.

post-8116-068783000 1296359462_thumb.jpg

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Yeah - it was a very very clean cut straight through, so it looks like tailor.

In winter, I've got some decent sized tailor (45cm) near Smiths Creek at a similar kind of spot (deep water, current line, point with a big ridge jutting into the deep water). But in summer it's been mostly choppers in the estuary and the big tailor seem to be coming off the outside beaches for me.

But that was a fair sized yakka (the hook is a #8) cut cleanly, so I'm guessing today it was a decent sized tailor cruising up the estuary.

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I meant to say also: I saw a big sea turtle just north of little Jerusalem bay today. It was just playing around at the surface - very cool to see.

3 weeks ago, I also in Pittwater near Pugnose Point.

Anyone else spotting sea turtles?

Lots of little penguins at Spit Bridge too at the change of tide.

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