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Hi. Took the wife n kids to bass pt today. Got there around 8am. The spot was only half full. Very strange. Spoke to some fishos at d carpark was was told the bad news. No fish. Anyway, decided to rig up the two rods. One for bait one for lure. Kept an eye on the fishes spinning but saw no one catching anything. So decided to use pillies on ganged hooks with float. Every five minutes, had to replace bait due very large number of nibblers. Changed the rig to bream rig and started catching bream. Unfortunately only one keeper. By midday everyone left except us. The wind started to blow so decided to go home around 1pm. Where all the bonito gone to??? Didn't see even 1. Very very strange. Anyway, at least the weather was good and the waves were ok. Was a bit worried due to the weather warning. Did Anyone go fishing today???

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