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Australia Day Bass in the Colo


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G'day raiders, I headed up the Colo early Australia day, checked my almanac before going, said the fishing would be poor so my expectations weren't high, its always good to explore new areas though. The river was clear and shallow with sand banks for much of the way, I started by throwing poppers and quickly landed a few tiny bass, I dropped a good fish, yelled a quick expletive but was happy with the excitement of the surface action. I passed a couple of fellow yakers who had been up even earlier and were already headed back, they reckoned there were plenty of fish further up stream so I pushed on. The water was so shallow in sections I had to pull the kayak which made it slow going. Anyway I got a few Km up and found a nice section with plenty of snags. The bass were attacking my poppers in a frenzy, I'd never seen 3 or 4 bass going after the same lure, reminded me of Mangrove Jack.

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Wow mate you have an amazing set up.

Cheers on what seemed to be a great day on and in the water.

I dont know about you, but if I ever say any type of lizard in the water (unless it were a monster flathead) I would freaked out massively.


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Yeah it was just a water dragon, I could have picked him up but I know they've got a good set of claws so didn't risk it.

The Collo runs into the Hawkesbury at Portland, you can access it via the Putty Rd north of Windsor. Next time I head up that way I might try the lower reaches, in the brackish water, might be able to find some bream.

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Mate, it looks like the almanac was wrong.

That's why, in spite of the fact I have info on my catches going back 7 years,

I still fish every weekend regardless of what I had caught at that spot this time last year under similar conditions.

Also, I had to laugh at the name of the river.

You see, in Greek, Colo means Bum, so where-ever I saw the word Colo in a sentence, I made the translation and I could not keep a straight face.

OK - all jokes aside though, that's a nice Bass and fantastic footage. Well done.


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