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King fishing Advice


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Hi Guys,

I'm just starting to chase kings and need a little advice please.

I Launch in BW and can get livies just over the bar but have had some trouble finding the kings.

I've tried at the mouth of the Hawksberry and also around box head and kilcare.

Now I know these spots produce fish but I must be doing something wrong.

I don't have down riggers or anything like that.

What I've been doing is anchoring up and sending the livey down on a 1.5mt leader with just a ball sinker to keep it down near the bottom.

I've also tried trolling close as I dare to the rocks with thse same set up and a bigger ball sinker to try to get the livey down a bit.

Lastly I've tried anchoring up and setting the livey under a float about 3 to 4 metres down.

Only once have I been hit but unfortunately didn't hook up.

Now, I'm not asking for spots, just a bit of advice on what I may be doing wrong.



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Hey Pete, sounds like you're doing everything right mate... I have hooked a few last week or so around your local rock spot, most are only rats but there's some hoodies among them (if you can get them past the 2m+ Bronze Whalers).

Maybe try Broken Bay FAD if its still there??? (I heard it went missing some time ago so not sure if DPI still has it out there). Also give half-tide rocks a bash in close as there isnt as much wash, else I'd head over to Palm Beach and troll the headland with metals or skirts you are just as likely to hookup onto a big Bonnie as you are a King.

Good luck mate, hopefully catch up with you round ya local soon (am returning to work next week but hope to be up that way by end of Feb- will let you know OK)

Tight lines



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sounds like your doing every thing right

what are you using for live bait my guess is yakkas ???

put the time and effort in and spend a few hr's getting live squid

the kings should be all over the reef systems out there put down a big live squid and its sure to get nailed

there is no need to venture out to the fads for the kings they should all be in close

you can also get kings without a downrigger just rig up a poormans rigger using a big 400gm knife jig

if you still have no luck drive over to church point and pick me up and ill help you find some fish :1fishing1:

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