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We had a few cracker days chasing kings in Coromandel with rob fort on his 40 footer with kayaks loaded up that we could grab at any time.

post-6472-094558800 1296530624_thumb.jpg

We caught hundreds of kahwi (aussie salmon to get us warmed up) these were all mammoth sizes , then we hit the reefs for the biggest kings i have ever caught.

My first king was my longest fight as i was using my light flickstick with 12 pound line targeting snapper.That king went 30 pounds , i think rob measured it at 132cm , and this was just the start.

That fish almost spooled me 3 times , i was down to the backing eack time with about 30 yards left but short stroking it managed to gain line each time.End result took 20 mins.post-6472-016765200 1296530586_thumb.jpg

From there on i was jigging using some heavier gear wich actually more tiring as the tug o war was then on each time.Our arms are sore and im ready for more.post-6472-013851600 1296530711_thumb.jpg

6 days full on fishing everything paid for is not bad at around 2000 bucks.post-6472-004344500 1296530660_thumb.jpg

We were due then to hit epic charters up for 2 days but were limited to one as another cyclone came through. Was a shame ,but the day we went was the best day i have ever had , landing about 12 barrels each.enjoy just a few of my many picspost-6472-007398900 1296530745_thumb.jpg

cheers.cam.post-6472-071089400 1296530765_thumb.jpgpost-6472-075610600 1296530778_thumb.jpg

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Awesome man!! I was also just in new zealand and left before the cyclone came in. I was supposed to fish for two days with epic but only managed one due to the bad weather.

How hard do those kings go!!!

Well done on them and especially the one on light gear. Great pics as well.


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we got a few dozen rats in the mix aswell but certainly more bigger kings that the little ones , id say 70 percent of out catch were the big fellas , the size limit over there is 70 or 75 cm if i remember correctly , our cost of 2 grand or more precsice if i have missed the odd dollare or 2 would be around 2500 which included our flights which we got cheap and we hired the cheapest car we could get also , and that was all included in that price , as for bag limits im not sure but we released all of them except the one i got on the 14 pound gear. cheers everyone.

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