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Sothern bream series botany bay


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Hey guys!

I entered the first round of the squidgies southern bream series on sunday in the botany bay over the weekend and went alright i think :)

I was an amazing sight seeing over 80 dedicated fishing boats lined up along the shore line near the sailing club right next to captian cook bridge and i do admit i was a little nervous too :wacko:

Not having the best form coming into the day ( a few shockers on the water) and not fishing the bay in a couple of weeks and no pre fish either i would of been just happy to weigh in 1 fish!

Starting 77th out of 84 boats all my usual spots had already had alot of heavy traffic so i tried some areas i had not fished much at all and we had a really slow start only landing a few nice flatties and about 10 stinky pike :ranting2:

Decided to try the carpark/towra and on the first drift hooked onto something with plenty of go! only using 3lb braid and leader i couldnt put too much load on the fish and after 5 or so min i finally seen the profile of an almost legal kingy then it took another 20m or so of line so i decided to snap it off and in the process taking the whole leader with it!

Switched to my new T curve revolution 1-3kg stick matched with my new Ci4 1000 reel 1 lb fireline 2lb leader and within 2 cast i blooded it with our first and biggest landed bream of the day going 34cm :yahoo:

It was very hard goin and after a few moves we found a couple of just legals but into the live well they went! All went quiet again for an hour so we moved again and almost instantly hooked into a real nice bream that would of been close to 1kg but the hooks pulled right at the boat :1badmood: it was big and dark and looked amazing in the sun but never mind cast again and im onto another one i thought! i have never been so upset to catch i nice whiting :tease: so a quick photo and back in she went


Landed another legal bream and pulled hooks on a couple of nicer ones (see a pattern forming here lol) then headed back with around half an hour befor the weigh in to try for one more and boated a 30cm keeper so straight back to the weigh in to see how we went.

Alot of teams only landed a few fish and with our bag only being 2.057kg we still managed to finish 26th out of 84 so i was pretty pleased how we went in the end

My fishing partner chicken had a shocker for the day only landing flatties so i got all 5 fish but its a team event and he was very helpfull with the net :tease:

Ended up having a pretty good day with a good mate so no complaints and i cant wait to the next one :)

All bream landed were on 3 inch watermellon pearl gulps on 1/20th tt gig heads and most of the other fish were on 80mm wrigglers

Also met up with Andrew (THE ICEMAN) and had a good little chat he's a top bloke!

Thanks guys and sorry for such a long post


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breambucket sounds like you had a pretty awesome result, unlucky on loosing the bigger fish though :ranting2: . was this in the new boat? if so how did it perform??

cheers mate!

Yeah it did suck loosing the bigger ones but i bet that happened to most of the other entrants too i suppose there is also alot of luck sometimes!

The boat has been good mate! very stable in calm conditions but you still cant help the botany bay chop!

I got to get the trim sorted when on plane it rides too flat for my liking but when you get up it from a stand still (more so by myself) it reaches for the skies :1yikes:

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Good on you boys!

at least you got out there amongst it.

I heard it was on so decided it would be mayhem out there and stayed home.

Going out tonight with ADAWG ... let you know how we go, but he's trying to get me to go over to the dark side and use bait!



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Hey Breambucket,

Congrats on your placings in your first ever comp. Can't imagine the nerves seeing 80+ boats with 160+ anglers all looking to catch the same thing!! Sorry about the dropped fish but finishing in the top third of the field is pretty darn good.

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