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Harbour mixed bag


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Hit the harbour for a lazy 7am start well after sun up. Was planning on mostly luring but I caught a few yakkas to kick off, just in case things were tough. There was heaps of bait and I found surface action pretty easily. The schools were a strange mix of bonito, aussie salmon and kings. I tried big and small metal slices, stick baits on worm hooks, xraps and a few livies, trying each thing repeatedly over a few hours. Picked up a few bonnies and a big salmon on the slices and a rat king and more xos salmon on the livies. Of the 6 livies 4 took fish, so it was worth picking them up. I had lots of follows from all sorts of fish, including what I think was a mack tuna on the lures but they were being pretty fussy and they only really wanted to eat livies.

Anyway, I had a fun morning out for a few hours, only keeping a few bonnies for baits for later.

Can't think of a better way to spend a hot morning than on the water!

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