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painting fibre glass


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Hi guys, im am getting 2 weeks off work soon and i was wondering whats the best way to go about painting my fibre glass boat, i am getting marine grade paint, i figured that the jell coat will not get touched if i sand it down lightly, all hardwares are going to be removed, i was thinking about rolling the first couple coats on, then using a paint gun for the final sealer. has any one ever experienced this type of painting before and is there anything i should be looking out for.

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I resprayed my 445F in 2003.

Bog and sand entire boat to ultra smooth finish (over 300hrs in my case. Guide coat boat (light spray with black matt)which will show all remaining imperefections whilst sanding off (and there will be a few). When finished prime with good quality high etch primer to ensure adhesion. I then top coated with automotive two pack in ford blueprint (standox paint)and 4 coats of clear.

I have found the auto paint is a little soft but looks great.

Two weeks, mmmmm you'll be busy :biggrin2: .

Cheers Marlin

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